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Crystal Condom in Surat: Royal Sex Toy Teaches what is Crystal Condom and Washable Condom, Usage, type and benefits of Crystal Condom.

Crystal Condom in Surat

Crystal Condom in Surat. Washable Condom in Surat and Crystal Condom in Surat Both are same and it is Lifetime use. On the Crystal Condom in Surat, many Extra Dotted is located on outside. Crystal and Washable Condom in Surat route textured to increase the friction of the vaginal and clitoral area. This case, in addition to increasing the length and girth of your Penis you will. Completely transparent and with a breathtakingly Royal Touch. Its texture is extra-soft, thanks to its flexibility fits almost any size penis. We advise using with the lubricant to increase the sensation.

Washable Condom with Crystal in Surat

Washable Condom in Surat is one type of Crystal Condom in Surat. Do you want to enhance your pleasure while remaining in complete control? The Crystal and Washable condom in Surat slide comfortably over your penis but adds an extra level of intensity with the studded texture for her. It is a simple but highly effective device to get your partner closer to orgasm with every hard thrust. No batteries required or fancy functions to maneuver. With this Crystal and Washable condom in Surat, cheap Sex Toy you can experience equal pleasure to your partner, Knowing you have amplified your Performance.

Crystal and Washable Condom in Surat

Crystal Condom in Surat, Washable Condom in Surat, Online Buy Condom in Surat

How to wear cock ring with Crystal Condom in Surat?

First apply lubricant on your penis testicle or shaft. Then choose a stretchy cock ring. Then you have to stretch the cock ring with your two or three fingers. If you feel that your ring is hard then you can use lubricant then it’s become slippery. Next wear it on the back side of your testicle or if you want to wear before the testicle. Then remove it with your hands. Then next you can wear the condom on your penis. For that hold the tip of the condom and slightly glide on your penis.

What is Crystal Condom in Surat?

Crystal Condom is a best, easiest and cheapest method of contraception. Crystal Condom is available for the both, male and female. A male Crystal Condom is a thin sheet made by latex rubber that is wore by men on the penis. The thin sheet of rubber makes a barrier wall over the penis and restrict the semen to enter the vagina. This is the safest contraception method. Crystal Condom help you to avoid unwanted pregnancy and STD's (sexually transmitted infection.) disease. Men unroll the condom on the penis o the penis's base. Crystal Condom gives you best result. According to the latest study, the positive result of Crystal Condom is up to 95% if you put it on the correct way. Otherwise, up to 93%.

Various types of current Crystal Condoms in Surat

Glow-in-the-Dark Crystal Condoms in Surat:

It is new in condom market. It light for the 30 seconds. Crystal Condom It is usually non-toxic and made in three layers. It is fun surprise for your partner.

Flavored Crystal Condoms in Surat:

With the increase in condoms, company will added new flavored. Find your partner's favourite flavored from the flavors like mint, grape, orange, banana, strawberry, bubblegum, chocolate, vanilla, bacon, and cola.

Studded or Textured Crystal Condoms in Surat:

Such Crystal Condom s are ribbed so added extra pleasure in the sexual intercourse for the women as well as for the men. The rigid texture is pleasurable.

Warming Crystal Condoms in Surat:

Warming Crystal Condom tend to be made of thinner latex to help heighten sensation. It is new and add warmness in the act.

Cooling Crystal Condoms in Surat:

Same like warming Crystal Condom s, but it add cooling effect in the sexual intercourse. So couples can enjoy the sex for the longer period of time.

Edible Crystal Condoms in Surat:

These Crystal Condom is rolled on, and then can be eaten off. Remember such condoms are used for the oral sex (on the penis, vibrators , dildo, anal toys or penis toys ), not for the any type of protection against pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

The history of Crystal Condom in Surat

Crystal Condom sex toys history in Surat

It has been used for the last 11th century. Scientist found the wall painting in the 11,000 B.C that represent the condoms. It is first time when condom came around. During 1,000 B.C., ancient Egypt peoples use linen sheath around the penis for the protection from the insects and disease. Chinese and Japanese also wrap the penis to prevent infection. The first condom is used in the 1400s that cover only the glans (head of penis). Such condom known as glans condoms. In 1500s, condom became the public figure as sex toys Surat to prevent the spread of syphilis. 1500 condoms is used against STIs. As day gone on, more public aware of condom and its use. In the 18th century, Condom get better known in the public but in the negative view. St the same time, rubber condom are invented. In 1900s, the condoms is distributed in the world war army to prevent the SIDs. In the 20 century, first condom company formed and condoms became a common household term. Sex education is also incorporates in the peoples. So still today, condom going through various stages, shape for the better result.

What is Crystal condom and Representative Crystal Condom in Surat

Crystal Condom is one of the most cheapest method of contraception. There are a male as well as female Crystal Condom. A male Crystal Condom eath. When couple use the Crystal Condom in a correct manner then it help to prevent from HIV, unwanted pregnancy and many STIs.

Male partner wear the Crystal Condom on his penis during the sexual activity. Sometimes male Crystal Condom are also called the rubber and prophylactic. A female Crystal Condom have a flexible ring at both the end. Female can close the one end of the ring and inserted into the vagina during sex and the other ring is opened.

Now a day, Crystal Condom are available in all the medical store. Crystal Condom are very cheap, so anyone can easily purchase it. Also Crystal Condom are used not only for sex but also for blowjobs or sex toys (dildos, vibrators etc) during masturbation. Both of them will be sanitary.

Types of Crystal Condom

There are varieties of Crystal Condom are available in the market. The different types of Crystal Condom are dotted Crystal Condom, flavored Crystal Condom, ribbed Crystal Condom, lubricated Crystal Condom, non lubricated Crystal Condom etc. Couple can use any of these Crystal Condom during the sexual activity.

Couple use the dotted Crystal Condom to increase the sexual pleasure during the sexual intercourse. The dots which is available in the Crystal Condom surface help to stimulate the genital area of both the partner. Dotted Crystal Condom are available in varieties of color, shape and size. Couple use the ribbed Crystal Condom during the sexual intercourse for deep penetration. Some people also prefer the flavored Crystal Condom. Flavored Crystal Condom are available in different flavor such as strawberry, vanilla, chocolate etc. Couple can select ant flavor of their choice.

Now a day, most of the Crystal Condom are already lubricates so people does not need to reapply the personal lubricant. If couple does not like to use the lubricated condom then they use the non lubricated condom and apply any personal lubricant on the condom according to their choice.

How to use Crystal Condom

Before purchasing the Crystal Condom, it is important for couple to check the expiration date. Open the packet of the Crystal Condom carefully, so that the Crystal Condom does not get scratched. If the Crystal Condom is already lubricated then no need to reapply the personal lubricant. If the Crystal Condom is not lubricated then it is important for couple to apply the lubricant.

If male use the Crystal Condom then after applying the personal lubricant, male partner can place the condom at the tip of the glans of the penis and then slowly roll the Crystal Condom at the base of the penis. It is important for men to select the correct size Crystal Condom.

If female use the Crystal Condom then first they should find the outer and inner ring. After finding the outer and inner ring, squeeze the inner ring and insert it up to the cervix into the vagina. The outer ring is hang outside the vagina. Now men or women can easily involve in the sexual activity. After the sexual activity, women should remove the condom carefully so that semen does not come out.

History and popularity of Crystal in Surat

The first Crystal Condom have been available in Surat in 1940. Till 1968 Surat imported the Crystal Condom from US, Japan and Korea. That time the cost of Crystal Condom is very high, so most of the people are unable to purchase it. In 1968 Surat produce their own brand.

Now a day almost every people know about the Crystal Condom but only some people use the Crystal Condom during the sexual activity. According to the survey in 2005-2006 only one in twenty women use the Crystal Condom for family planning and only 54% of men use the Crystal Condom during the sexual activity.

Benefits of using a Crystal Condom

  • Crystal Condom are one of the most common sex toys. Crystal Condom have many benefits.
  • Crystal Condom help to increase the stimulation.
  • The Crystal Condom which includes the bumps, lumps, spikes and other featured provides extra pleasure and stimulation for a female partner.
  • The male partner who wears the Crystal Condom can also feel pleasure. The Crystal Condom provide extra stimulation to the people who wear it.
  • While wearing the Crystal Condom if it becomes tight, then rub it against the hard cock. It gives you double fun.
  • Crystal Condom are very useful for the men who have some anxiety problem or erect penis. Crystal Condom also provide a psychological boost to the male partner.
  • Crystal Condom also help to prevent unwanted pregnancy, infections, and STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).
  • Crystal Condom provides deep penetration.
  • The Crystal Condom are a snug fit and very comfortable, which improves the girth and heightens of the sexual pleasure.
  • Some Crystal Condom include the different types of vibration pattern which help to increase the sexual pleasure.
  • The latest Crystal Condom are available with a 3D line of sleeves which provides sensation and more pleasure feeling during penetration.
  • From these benefits, it is also good for couples' sex toys. You can wear it not only for penis but also for dildos and vibrators, you can taste different feel. It is also famous as anal sex toy like cock ring.

Correct usage of Crystal Condom

Crystal Condom are one of most used sex toys by men. It adds the pleasure and sexual stimulation for men and women if used in a correct way. You can use Crystal Condom alone in masturbation or in foreplay with a partner. Crystal Condom are similar like condoms. So the correct way is similar like a Condom. Follow the condom wear technique. Before put sleeve on the penis, make sure it is clean. Do not rush. Get and maintain the erection as hard as possible.

Slip the Crystal Condom when you have a partial and full erection. Take Crystal Condom and stretch the open hole of the sleeves and place on the tip of the penis. The tip of penis goes to the opening of sleeves. Slightly roll the sleeves on the penis shaft till the base of the penis. Now you are ready to penetrate. You can also use lubricant inside of them to develop additional sensation. Apply some drop of lubricant on the Crystal Condom like a condom to make it easily in or out movement. You may use water-based lubricant or silicone-based lubricants. Proceed to sex as normal as regular sex but it gives more intense orgasm as regular sex.

Advanced techniques and tips of Crystal Condom in Surat

  • An ideal approach to put them on is to move them on keeping in mind the end goal to make suction inside the penis extender.
  • Sure you may use lubricant with Crystal Condom for additional sensation, but avoid a lot of lubricants. Extra lubricants cause slip off the Crystal Condom from the penis.
  • Sometimes men use cock rings on Crystal Condom to allow it to place. Surly you may use it, but use it an only short period of time. Because Cock ring restricts the blood flow in the penis.
  • Men lose their sensitivity with Hard Crystal Condom. So make sure to use soft and thin Crystal Condom for pleasure.
  • If a man is suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) issue, avoid using Crystal Condom.

Do not use Crystal Condom instead of condoms due to similarity. Crystal Condoms have own work and Crystal Condom has own. Crystal Condom do not protect you from unwanted pregnancy or STDs.